Monday, February 8th, 2010...10:05 am

Ask Claudia: Airing Out Gown Before the Wedding

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Amber, Merrick
Q:  My wedding dress has been delivered but my actual wedding is still a month away. Is it OK to take it out of the protective bag and leave it hanging, or will that discolor or harm the dress?

A: We went right to the experts with this question, our excellent sponsor, Embassy Cleaners.  Here is what they had to say: Typically, the occurrence of fabric discoloration is due to oxidation, which is a chemical reaction that results in the fabric changing color or losing its dye.  This process is the result of direct contact with moisture and heat and typically occurs over a long period of time.  It would be fine for the bride to remove the gown from its protective bag and leave it hanging for a month, however I would recommend that it be kept in a clean environment environment with moderate temperature, such as a closet in the main part of her home (i.e. do not put it in a basement or attic).