Friday, January 29th, 2010...11:33 am

Martha Stewart's Top 50 Favorites CAKES AND SUCH

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Do you use Martha for wedding planning?  I enjoy reading Martha Stewart Weddings for unique ideas that I can share here.  So I just found their 50 Great Wedding Cakes feature, which is a photo roundup of various wedding cakes.   Now, most of the cakes are superb, but some of the ones listed are … questionable.  Take a look at this one below, for instance.  Maybe something is lost in the image, but this cake looks more like it was made from Rice Krispies treats than anything else…

Maybe something is lost in this image, but this looks more like a cake made from Rice Krispies treats than petals.

This one below is kind of interesting, but I think it would be more appropriate for a bridal shower than the actual wedding reception.

Box Cake from

I’m guessing the cake below would be nice for an afternoon, smallish affair, but while it’s certainly unique, it just doesn’t say “wedding” to me.

White Chocolate Tower Cake from

As for this below — no, it’s not a wedding cake but this J.C. Penney ad keeps popping up as you click through the 50 cake images!   Just sayin’.

Martha Stewart JC Penney Ad