Thursday, January 28th, 2010...2:53 pm

Ask Claudia: A Complete Long Island Beach Wedding?

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Danielle, Patchogue

Q:  Hi Claudia,  I am looking to get married on one of Long Island’s beautiful beaches. I want to walk from the dance floor to the sand, without putting down my drink, and dance the night away under the stars. Are there any beaches that allow you to set-up shop from ceremony to reception tents?

A:  Danielle, we have so many amazing beaches here that it’s no wonder you want to get married on one of them.   If only it were a simple feat, though!  Getting married on a Long Island beach requires permits — lots of them and the rules vary town by town.   Your best bet is to get married at a venue that offers beachfront areas for cocktails, photos, etc.   This is a good option because you also have to take into account the weather.  What happened if you set up an entire beach reception and wedding, and it starts to rain?   I wrote an article about this for Newsday a while back.  Please take a look at it, as I am sure it will help you finalize this most important decision.   All the best!