Monday, December 14th, 2009...8:25 pm

Will You Trash the Dress? WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

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Are you familiar with this trend in wedding photojournalism –Trashing the Dress?  After the wedding day, the bride trashes the wedding gown while her photographer snaps away.    I found an interesting article about it in the Wedding Photojournalist Association website.   And I’ve seen pictures of recent brides plunging into fountains (see below),  the ocean or rolling in mud in their beautiful wedding dresses.  Brides say trashing the gown is a fun way to relieve all of the pre-wedding planning stress.  Photographers love the creativity involved in shooting these at unique, and often dramatic locations.  There’s even an entire photography website devoted to showcasing  images,

We at have recently launched a wedding gown drive for charity.  A number of kind and generous Long Island women have already donated their used wedding gowns to this cause.   So I find this gown trashing trend kind of  disturbing and an over-the-top indulgence.

Trashing a Dress
Photography by Margaret Singer

But that’s just me.  What are your thoughts on this?  Leave a comment here please.