Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009...4:22 pm

Ask Claudia: Offending Uninvited Co-Workers

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Patricia, Bellmore
Q:  What is the protocol for inviting people from work?  If our budget will not allow us to invite all 23 work associates, plus relatives and close friends how do we explain or apologize to the uninvited?

A:  Patricia, you seem to be a very considerate person and are clearly worried about possibly offending your co-workers.   But please stop worrying — as you are planning your wedding, you have enough stress on your plate already!   My answer is, there is no need to explain, no need to apologize to the uninvited.   Mature people will understand that you just can’t invite everyone you’d like — all couples have to budget for a certain number of guests.   So if your wedding comes up at work  in conversation, you can certainly mention that you wish you could invite everyone but unfortunately, cannot.   Word will get around.   And if someone is offended, so be it.   It’s not your problem … Truly.