Thursday, August 13th, 2009...10:29 am

Wedding Reception: After Parties

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Hosting an after-party is one of the latest wedding trends, although not quite as popular on Long Island as they are in Manhattan.  That’s probably because transporting guests in New York City  from the reception hall to a club requires just an easy taxi-ride-signal on the street corner.  On Long Island, it’s  a tad more complex, but certainly doable.   For instance, you can arrange for a transportation company to have a large bus at hand at your reception site, to take after-party guests to another location and back.   Of course, it’s much easier to have an after-party right on the premises.   One great option?  The Glen Cove Mansion.  Have your wedding reception at this elegant, historic site, then take guests up to the mansion’s third floor Pub 1910 for a cozy after-party.

Glen Cove Mansion