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Fun Stuff: Do You Know Your Wedding Personality?

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What’s Your Long Island Wedding Day Personality?

Before making any reception day plans, here’s a fun quiz compiled by Long Island freelance writer Linda DiProperzio, to help you determine your wedding-couple-style:

1. What is your favorite summer activity?

a. Golfing at Bethpage State Park
b. Wine-tasting out East
c. An outdoor concert at Jones Beach

2.  It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon, and you’re headed to…

a. The mall at Roosevelt Field
b. To see a show at the Performing Arts Center in Oakdale
c.  The Vanderbilt Planetarium in Centerport

3. Your ideal date would include:

a. A candlelit dinner
b. Sunday brunch
c. Karaoke at the local pub

4. Who is your favorite Long Island celebrity?

a. Singer Mariah Carey (from Huntington)
b. Fashion designer Michael Kors (from Merrick)
c. Shock jock Howard Stern (from Roosevelt)

5. Which local landmark would you prefer to visit?

a. The Jones Beach Boardwalk
b. The Montauk Lighthouse
c. The Amityville Horror House

6. The best holiday to celebrate on Long Island is:

a. Christmas
b. 4th of July
c. Halloween

7. Your dream vacation destination is:

a. A tour through Europe
b. Sailing in the Caribbean
c. Disneyland!

8. Your favorite LI-based movie is:

a. Meet the Parents (filmed in Port Washington and Oyster Bay)
b. Sabrina (both versions filmed in Glen Cove)
c. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (filmed in Montauk)

Answer Key:

If you answered mostly A’s, your personality is Traditional

Incorporate tradition. Bring a few family traditions into the ceremony and reception, whether cultural or religious.  Think about black tie. In our grandparents’ day, people got dressed up for big occasions.  A black tie affair screams old-world charm and elegance.  If you’re worried some guests won’t show, make it black tie optional. Choose classical music. A string trio or quartet during your ceremony, and a pianist or jazz ensemble at the cocktail hour adds a touch of class.

If you answered mostly B’s, your personality is Romantic

Opt for the outdoors. Nothing says romance like getting married in a lush garden or near a beautiful fountain or lake.  Light the way. Think candles lining walkways and clustered on tables, paper lanterns strewn about the cocktail space, and twinkling lights wrapped around indoor and outdoor greenery.  Pick bountiful blooms.  While roses are traditionally the flower of romance, peonies, gardenias, hydrangea, and calla lilies can also be incorporated into your arrangements.  Colors often depend on your theme, but jewel tones such as deep reds and purples can up the romantic appeal.

If you answered mostly C’s, your personality is Modern

Find a unique space. Instead of the usual catering hall or country club, think about hosting your affair in an out-of-the-box space, such as an art gallery or local museum.  Make dessert standout. Have your venue or local baker create a cake that shows off your uniqueness as a couple.  Can’t decide on one?  Make a cake for each table to express yourselves!  Or forgo the cake and serve cupcakes, pastries, or ice cream sundaes instead.  Be bold with color. Choose colors with stark contrasts—green and orange, hot pink and purple, and chocolate brown and blue—to add to your wedding’s wow factor.