Monday, August 17th, 2009...9:13 am

Cordially Invited Guest: Lori Girl Creations

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Today’s guest is Lori Miller, founder of Lori Girl Creations, based on Long Island.   Lori Miller is an interior designer who can work with engaged couples and newlyweds in creating their first home together.

Q:  As an interior designer, can your skills be applied to design wedding receptions?  If so, how are you able to help couples create their dream wedding decor?
A:  Wedding receptions are fun and colorful. The trick is to coordinate what colors the attendants are wearing, the flowers, the cake, invitations, etc. and work that with what napkins and tablecloth choices are offered by the caterers.  Interior designers can help make those selections as well as locate outside sources that may have a larger selection.  Maintaining budget is key these days and a one-  or two-hour consultation can go a long way for the details that will show in the photographer’s shots.

Q:  Couples often have different ideas of what their wedding reception should be like.  Does this have the potential to translate into decorating their first home, too?

A:  I can’t tell you how many times I hear brides say, “My fiance has no interest in the napkin colors or what the flowers look like.”  The same holds true in decorating the first home. “My husband told me he doesn’t care what the window treatments look like: just get them.” and yet when the wife brings them home the first words from the husband are, “They have flowers!”  It is important to get their opinions, gather your information and then present the final selection before signing on the dotted line. They may not want to run around shopping but they do want to be included.

Q:  So what do you advise to your clients who don’t necessarily share taste -  i.e. he likes contemporary, she likes classic.
A:  As an interior designer, our training is to study all areas of design: the lines, colors, fabrics, style, etc.  Blending styles and tastes can be easily accomplished by listening to each other and truly analyzing the details of why the individual likes something.  Maybe it is just the feel of the fabric on the sofa, not the style or the color of the pillow.  These factors can help blend styles and assist the couple in a compromise that looks beautiful.  If they are truly uncomfortable a designer can assist with this. We are skillfully trained and have the knowledge to back up our decisions.  In the long run our fees save time, money and the marriage.

Q:  What are the essential furnishings couples must start with as honeymooners?
A:  Furnishings are costly and a couple would not want to purchase items hastily. To start, I recommend a mattress with a sumptuous comforter — a headboard is not a necessity; a kitchen table or bar stools if there is an island. Couples need a place to have coffee and/or eat together and a dining room table can be costly.  A loveseat/sofa with a few chairs and a TV/DVD/Stereo.  Quiet time at home, entertaining friends, socialization is always important.  These pieces get the most use and provide two distinct areas for the alone time a couple needs, as well as the together time.

Q:  What are your top tips for couples who are about to put their first home together?

A:  My top tips for couples putting their first home together are: Make lists, make lists and make more lists!!!  Each person should make a favorite color list, a priority list and a budget list.  The lists should then be compared.  Filter out the similarities and make those the priorities.  Argue about the differences –  I swear, arguing is healthy!  Communication is a necessity! Colors should be agreed upon as wall colors make the home and are the first item you see when you walk in.  Flooring choices are the hardest as most men want soft, plush carpet and women want pretty rugs. Men see the leather sofa and flat screen as priority and women want a fully-finished home.  I can’t stress enough my top tip: Communication.

Thank you, Lori!