Monday, August 10th, 2009...9:02 am

Ask Claudia: Aruba for Honeymoons

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Wendy, Massapequa

Q:  I have been reading a lot of wedding material (websites, books, magazines, etc.) and I don’t see that they mention Aruba as a honeymoon destination.  Why is that, or is there a better place to go?

A:  I went right to the travel experts with your question, one of our sponsors, Burr Travel Bureau, in Northport.  According to Linda Nemerson, CTA, Aruba is definitely a honeymoon destination.  “We sell it all the time,” she says.  “The difference is that Aruba is not known for All Inclusives, which is what most honeymooners want these days.  However, Aruba does have great beaches, gambling — which many people want — and also great restaurants for those who do not want to be locked into an All Inclusive.”  Aruba is also very popular in the fall, because it’s out of the hurricane belt, for the most part.