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The Newlywed Forum: If I Could Plan My Wedding Again, What I'd Do Differently…

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I’m lucky enough to have had an almost perfect wedding day. It was definitely one of dreams and the happiest day of my life. But there’s always the post wedding regrets. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have put my hair in rollers before having it curled since with the humidity and dampness by the end of my ceremony, my hair was flat. I would have asked one of my fifteen bridesmaids to remind me to put down my veil before I walked down the aisle. Halfway down was way too late.

I would have turned my face towards the camera while at the altar as opposed to having a piece of a curl hiding my expressions. I would have asked for a mock-up of my bridesmaids bouquets and asked for more than one type of flower. I love orchids but they really do look better when combined with other flowers. I would have put on individual lashes instead of a full set that started lifting once the glue melted. I would have used more color on my lips instead of the traditional pale hews favored by some brides. Color looks better in pictures.

I would have stayed at the sweetheart table a little longer to relish the moment with my groom instead of jumping up to mingle. I would have gone to my cocktail hour and not wasted time fixing my hair. I would have eaten more than once piece of cake since it was the best I’ve ever had. I would have played pictures taken during the wedding at my reception. I would have ignored the traditions and had my father in law and my siblings each say something at the reception instead of just the best man and my father. But, most of all I would have made my day last for more than just a fleeting moment.

Rachel, Moriches