Wednesday, July 1st, 2009...3:53 pm

Cordially Invited Guest: Geraldine Daly, Arbonne International

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Today’s guest is Geraldine Daly, Independent Consultant, Executive District Manager for Arbonne International.   While she is located on the North Shore, Geraldine visits clients all over Long Island and the outer boroughs.

Q:  What is Arbonne exactly and how does it compare with other cosmetics lines?
A:   Arbonne is a health and wellness company offering pure, safe, beneficial skincare and cosmetics as well as nutrition, diet, aromatherapy products (and more!)  for all walks of  life. Unlike other cosmetics, Arbonne’s cosmetic line is botanically based, made in the United States, and the products are formulated with anti-aging ingredients without the use of mineral oil.  The result:  Beauty with Benefits!  In addition, all of the products are vegan, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and never tested on animals.

Q:  Do you work with Long Island brides-to-be? If so, why do they come to you?

A:   I have recently had the pleasure of working with Long Island brides-to-be, their bridal parties, mothers, and even grandmothers.  I offer my clients free skincare and makeup classes in a fun, relaxed, private setting.  The ladies can try all of the skincare and cosmetics, and they  learn how to apply their makeup by watching a DVD produced by a professional makeup artist.

Q:  What’s important for them to know about Arbonne?
A:   Well, in addition to amazing products, Arbonne product classes are a great way for brides to get together with friends or their bridal parties at their convenience and in the privacy of their own homes.  Brides can even “register” with me.  And I’ve done  bridal showers, bachelorette parties–there are so many ways to enjoy Arbonne!

Q:  What would a bride expect, when she sees you for the first time?
A:  At a client’s first appointment, I perform a complete skincare and custom color analysis.  My clients have the opportunity to receive 20% to 80% off of their products and will receive a 10-piece makeup brush set when they include two or more guests at their appointment.  We start with skincare and continue with a complete makeup application from foundation to eye color and finish with lips.  The guests can choose from four eye styles:  smoky eye, casual eye, v-shaped eye, and the elegant Hepburn eye.  I also offer free “refresher” sessions.

Q:  What are your top three tips for a bride-to-be?
A:  My top three tips for the bride-to-be (and any woman for that matter) is:

1. Avoid premature aging by always using sunscreen under your makeup and using foundations with a minimum of SPF15.  It is much better to achieve that healthy glow with a great bronzer!

2.  A good makeup application starts with clean, healthy skin.  Always wash your face before going to bed and begin using good skincare products and habits at least three months before your wedding.

3.  Don’t wait until the month of your wedding to start experimenting with makeup and different looks.  Your wedding day is special and the bride should look elegant, but natural, too.

Thank you, Geraldine!